Monday, July 6, 2015

About The Geezer Ride

The Geezer Rides are about having fun with a group of like minded cyclists and are geared to be easier and more enjoyable than many races or ultra-distance gravel events. If you are a first timer or curious about what riding on gravel roads might be like, this is your event. Maybe you are a seasoned gravel cyclist already, but just want a ride to go on that is fun and non-competitive. This is your ride as well. The following bullet points are provided to give you an idea what this event is all about.

  • Shorter distances: Usually these rides will be in the 40-50 mile range.
  • Easy: The pace will be casual, the terrain might be challenging in spots, but typically these are set up to be as easy as  they can be, yet retain interesting features, depending on the venue. 
  • No Drop Ride: We may have some slower than others, but the ride stops often to gather up folks and we do not leave anyone behind.
  • Slow: These rides take longer due to the no drop rule and due to the planned frequent stops to gather up riders. Plan on taking up to six hours in some cases to go the distance. Again, this is about fun, having newer folks become acquainted with gravel riding, and to just be outdoors. Racers are welcome if they can abide by the spirit of the ride, but take your competitive impulses elsewhere. We won't be racing!
  • Social: There may be breakfast gatherings beforehand and social eating and drinking afterword. Much of this will be organic and played by ear depending upon group dynamics, weather, and the venue. If plans are set up ahead of time they will be announced on the Particular Geezer Ride's details on the Ride Page. 
  • Free of Charge: There is no fee for riding the Geezer Ride! That said, you should bring funds to enjoy any convenience store stops and any pre/post event gatherings that may or may not occur. Finally, the "Golden Rule" of free gravel events applies: You Are Responsible For You! There Is No Sag/Support! Each Rider Is On Their Own Adventure! Be prepared! 
Stay tuned for Geezer Ride announcements as they happen. Each ride will be detailed on the Ride Page. Thanks!